Top 6 Home Staging Trends in 2021

We spent most of 2020 at home. We had a ton of time to look around our homes to understand what goes into a room. What would make it more welcoming? What decor to add to make it stand out? Questions like this ran through our heads and now we all are looking to make our spaces more functional as well as reflect more personality. 

If you begin staging a home you must stay updated with the current architectural and decor trends. This helps you create an aesthetically pleasing home that appeals to buyers.

Here are some home staging trends to keep an eye out for this year.

Opt For Neutral Tones

Research shows that well-staged homes can sell for between 6%-20% more, and they can also sell three times faster. If you are repainting rooms, it’s advisable to go neutral.  Subtle shades of white will be trending in 2021. In some sections you can use bold hues to make a statement but the ratio of neutral and subtle colours should be at least 2 to 3 times more than other vibrant colours

Remove Personal Belongings & Clutter

As you turn and stage your space for sale or rent, it’s better to not keep the personal items lying around like family photos and any other items that possess special value to you. Also remove all the clutter in the room to create more space and avoid getting a negative impression. Keeping them aside will ensure that you maintain a soothing neutral ambiance without having the interest of the spectator disturbed.

Focus on the Main Rooms for Home Staging

Divert the attention of those interested in a smart way by making sure all the key rooms have been staged well. Also create areas within each room that attracts them like by arranging the furniture in a symmetrical manner or by adding other decor such as plants or artwork to catch their eye. This will help in cases where there is a limited budget that can only be used and also to ensure the buyer or renter sees the whole space without having to go all around the property. 

Don’t Ignore the Repairs

When looking at other properties and homes the first thing we ask for are the problems or issues that exist. To avoid being stuck in a situation where you get asked this question and don’t have the answer make sure to do a thorough check of your whole property first. From the plumbing to the electrical fixtures all the way to the home staging furniture being used. All minor repairs should be taken care of beforehand. Replacing outdated items that don’t suit the ambiance you’re trying to create can also be done. 

Taking care of these things in the early stage is the best thing to do as it leaves a good first impression and the feeling that this space was loved. Giving potential buyers or renters the sense that your property has been well looked after is just as important as making it look good.

Light up Home Staging Space

Invest in some uniform and eye-warming light fixtures to really brighten up the look and feel to the home space you are staging. Some lighting pieces with an artistic appeal and bold designs can be used as a trend for 2021. Don’t stick to single dim lighted lamps as this isn’t very nice to look upon and could leave the impression of carelessness amongst the interested individuals.

Bring Green Nature to Home Staging Space

With more and more people becoming environmentally conscious it creates a tranquil atmosphere when plants and other greenery is added in your display home. Whether real or artificial, make sure to add them so as to plant a seed in the potential buyers or renter’s head so that they can picture how their space would look when they add some greenery to it. 


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