Guide To Buying Airbnb Furniture in 2021

When you think of an Airbnb the only thought that comes to mind is relaxation and comfort. The furniture and other decor you add should make your rental property seem comfortable and inviting while providing the function that your guests and hosts need. Having trouble figuring out what kind of furnishing is not only cost effective and lasts long but also works well with everyone?

Here is a small roadmap to guide you through the journey of furnishing your Airbnb space.

Choosing the Right Furniture for Airbnb Space

Let’s start off with the different factors you need to consider before buying furniture for your Airbnb. This task becomes so much easier if you think from the point of view of a guest.

Aesthetic and Appearance:

The first impression is the most important one. Furniture plays an important role in defining the quality of your Airbnb listing. The aesthetic appeal, theme and atmosphere should all blend together to ensure you grab the attention of the guests who are looking to rent one out. Be creative and unique but also think of what the guests would want to experience.


As your guests check out what you offer to them, keep in mind that it is up to you to create a comfortable and convenient experience. Every individual comes from different backgrounds, occupations, and lifestyles so it is important to stick to furniture that can be neutral amongst all of them yet provide the solution to their needs. For example, if your target audience are businessmen, families, and travelers, having soft toned furniture along with many convenient electrical outlets will ease at least one of the many things they will have at the back of their mind.


This is a very important factor to keep in mind. Before investing in Airbnb furniture you need to check and see what your budget is. Something may look really nice to go with your interiors but could have a negative effect in the long run if it exceeds the set budget. Try your best to stick within the set limit or contact professional airbnb stylists so you won’t lose out on future profits.


Always keep safety in mind before purchasing any furniture. To avoid all safety hazards can be tough but you can try to make it as safe as possible. Going the extra mile to buy hazard-free furniture is important. For example, buying curvy edged furniture instead of sharp cornered furniture is good to look at and can keep families with small children free from getting hurt.


This applies to you more than your guests. As you buy furniture for Airbnb you have to consider that over the years there will be considerable wear and tear. Buying good quality cost-effective furniture can assure you that even the maintatinece for such furniture will be on the lower side. Whereas, if you buy expensive furniture and they start to wear out it could cost a fortune to refurbish them. 

Airbnb Furniture Essentials

After considering all the factors you need make sure you satisfy your guests with furniture that will suit their taste as well as be functional for them. Below are some important furniture pieces you need to consider along with some of their necessary features:


Choose a sofa for your Airbnb that is appropriate for space. It should be comfortable, durable, and not be too large for your space. Think about your guests once and see if the sofa can allow children to play on as well as businessmen to bring out their max efficiency.


This is very important for many guests as they come on vacation and need a place for their things to be stored. Using beds with in-built drawers can save space and also be functional. Also bedside tables for their little trinkets and gadgets can be used to provide enough storage for any kind of guest.


Lighting is an essential need in any space. Making sure there is enough natural light is one thing but if in the rare chance there isn’t enough natural light then providing adequate lighting is essential. Using warm white lighting can also add coziness and a relaxed ambiance to your space.


Don’t compromise on quality in the case of a mattress. After a long day your guests would like to just lay on a comfortable bed and go to sleep. If they are relaxed then you can stay relaxed as well otherwise there may be some complaints if there’s any discomfort.


Decorative items can really liven up the room through their artistic patterns and unique colour combinations adding to the overall aesthetic appeal of the room. These help to make your property seem personalized and inviting.


Now that you’re up to speed about everything to consider before investing in Airbnb staging there’s just one last point that remains unanswered. Where can you buy the furniture for your space? Vivin Furnishings is the one stop shop for all your furnishing needs. Our team of experts will assist and guide you through our custom furnishing packages where we will take care of the plan, design, and implementation with you having to lift a finger!

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