The Ultimate Guide To Conference Room Furniture

Before planning out the design for a conference room and furniture for office space it is important to consider the purpose for it and not just clients and employees that will be using the space. A conference room can be either a large or a small room used specifically for meetings and discussions. Conventional conference rooms are also called meeting rooms and boardrooms, and they consist of one table in the center of the room with several chairs surrounding it. 

The conference room varies in design as no two offices or teams are alike and also based on the goal for the meeting or discussion. Some conference rooms are made more dynamic to serve more purposes. The colour scheme, lighting , acoustics and location all play their part to make the conference room a place of productivity and strategizing.

Let’s dive into the details that make a great conference room!

Conference Room Size

Before choosing the furniture for your space consider the size and layout so it can determine how large the furniture should be. Oversized  furniture will only be a disadvantage if not planned well. Account for all extrusions, doors, and window placements.

Types of Tables for Conference Room

The conference table is a key component of any meeting room, and there are tons of furniture options to choose from which can be a bit of a difficult task. 

  • Rectangular shaped tables are great for medium to large spaces for important discussions. Most of the time these tables come with extendable adjust options to accommodate more if the need arises.
  • Ovular tables provide more seating capacity and easier movement within the space.
  • Boat-shaped tables provide the best peripheral vision to everyone in the meeting room making it easier for them to see presentations, etc. due its streamlined nature.

Always make sure there is a power data module embedded into the table. This makes it easier for projectors, phones, computers and other electronic devices to be easily placed on the table surface without worrying about wall outlet placements and wire management. A table with a power data module can really simplify your conference room setup.

Make sure the colour and design of the table go with the theme within the conference room so they can blend in well together. Also make sure the quality of table is good as this will be the space where important information, plans, and client meetings will occur and be discussed.

Conference Chairs

These chairs are an essential part of every meeting room. Comfortably designed with simple adjustment features so that every individual isn’t stuck with complicated ergonomic adjustments during meetings making them lose concentration. The choice of chairs is also dependent on the layout of the room. Don’t have bulky chairs in a small conference room as it would become more congested than could imagine, causing massive discomfort amongst the employees and clients. Also be sure to consider how the conference chairs will fit the selected table.

Having nesting chairs available in the conference are great portable solutions that saves when there are more people than originally planned. These should be selected with care as they should still project a professional image and store easily when not needed. 

Other factors to consider when selecting a conference chair is the backrest and the material. Make sure the backrests of the chairs provide lumbar support and sit perfectly with any individual’s spinal curvature as it’s very important for the health of an employees and clients during long seated discussions. Using high quality material can not only boost the look of the chair but also the comfort level.

Design and Layout of Conference Room

Go for a clean, timeless look and you can avoid a costly upgrade for an outdated conference room a few years down the road when it comes to the design. Use some accent pieces in case you want to add some vibrant colours to the conference room to bring up it’s oomph factor. This way, we can still get the look we want while the whole room will stay neutral for years.

Take advantage of natural light if there are any windows present in the conference room. This can stimulate creativity and productivity. Use suitable lighting fixtures across the room in the absence of natural light.

Tie your room together with small pieces of decorative items like a plant or artwork at max. They don’t take up much space but provide some life to the room.


The most crucial factor to consider out of all. Budgeting is what pushes you to what is absolutely necessary to have in your conference room versus what would be nice to have in your conference room. Try to invest in high-quality furniture that is durable and has a long shelf life.

Summing It Up

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