Biophilic House Design: A Top Home Decor Trend For 2022

The 2022 continued pandemic has made it very clear that nature cannot be siloed. In the clamour and traffic of indoor life, we often overlooked nature, leaving them confined to their place only.

Having lost touch with nature, we were given no space to give to nature. Thanks to COVID, many of us have rediscovered this love and are restoring nature using the latest trends. 

This trend of connecting with nature, called Biophilic House, is to be the next big thing especially in Sydney, Australia. This trend is about a new age of interior design and decor mixed with nature and technology. 

The term ‘Biophilia’ originated by E. O. Wilson believed living in pristine nature might be a good thing for human kind. In the end of 1980s, the concept was introduced to English by psychologist Erich Fromm. 

This blog will talk about the new trend in home decor, ‘Biophilic Design Homes’ and how you can decorate with it. If you are looking to furnish your property try our complete furniture packages and get in touch with our experts.

What is Biophilic House?   

Biophilic house design is a trend in home decor that emphasizes the connection between humans and nature. This type of design typically includes elements such as plants, natural light, and water. 

If you’re looking to add a bit of nature to your home, biophilic design is a great option. There are many ways to incorporate this trend into your decor, so it’s easy to find something that fits your style. Plus, in Sydney who doesn’t want to enjoy the benefits of being surrounded by nature?

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Why is Biophilic Home Design Growing in Popularity?  

There are a few reasons why biophilic home design is becoming more popular. First of all, it can help to improve our health and well-being. Studies have shown that being around nature can help to reduce stress levels and improve our mood. Additionally, it can help to create a more sustainable home. By incorporating elements of nature into our homes, we can reduce our reliance on harmful chemicals and products.

Biophilic house design is also becoming more popular because it is simply beautiful. Incorporating elements of nature into our homes can add a touch of beauty and elegance. Nature has an inherent ability to make us feel calm and relaxed, and this is something that we can all benefit from in our busy lives.

Finally, Biophilic design homes are growing in popularity in Sydney because they are unique and Sydneysiders love to welcome unique things. In a world where everyone seems to have the same type of home, incorporating elements of nature can make your home stand out from the rest. 

How to Apply Biophilic Design in Home Decor  


One way to add biophilic design into your home decor is to use natural materials. Incorporate plants, wood, and stones into your home decor. Use these materials in their natural state or incorporate them into other design elements. For example, you could use a wooden coffee table or a stone fireplace surround. You could also add plants throughout your home as part of your decor.

You can also place indoor plants on staircases, corners of home, near kitchen windowsill, near bedroom windows and any other area of your home where natural light is an easy reach. 

Another way to turn your home into a Biophilic house is to incorporate nature-inspired patterns and textures. Use patterns and textures that mimic those found in nature. For example, you could use a wallpaper with a floral pattern or a rug with a wavy texture.

You can also bring the outdoors inside by incorporating elements of nature into your home’s layout and design. For example, you could create an indoor garden or install large windows to let in natural light.

Tips for Creating a Natural, Relaxing Space at Home  

If you’re looking to create a natural and relaxing space, biophilic house design may be the perfect style for you. Here are some tips for creating a biophilic space in your own home:

 1. Use Natural Materials. 

When decorating your home, try to use as many natural materials as possible. This could include wood furniture, stone floors, or even plants.

 2. Let in Some Light. 

One of the best ways to bring nature into your home is by letting in some natural light. If possible, open up your windows and let the sunshine in.

 3. Add Some Greenery. 

Plants are a great way to add a touch of nature to your home décor. Not only do they look nice, but they can also help purify the air around you.

 4. Incorporate Water Features. 

Water has a calming effect, so incorporating it into your home décor can help create a more relaxing atmosphere. You could add a fountain or even just a simple bowl of water to your space.

By following these tips, you can easily create a biophilic designs in home, office, gym, library or any working place. 

Benefits of Living With More Nature 


Biophilic design is a top home decor trend for 2022 because of the many benefits it offers. Studies have shown that living with more nature can have a positive impact on mental and physical health.

People who live in homes with plenty of plants and natural light tend to report higher levels of happiness and satisfaction. They also tend to suffer from less stress and anxiety. In addition, exposure to nature has been shown to boost cognitive function and creativity.

What’s more, living with more nature can actually help to improve physical health. People who do so tend to have lower blood pressure and heart rate, and they are also less likely to suffer from obesity and diabetes.

So if you’re looking for a way to improve your health and wellbeing, biophilic house is definitely worth considering.


So, for Sydneysiders, if you’re looking for a way to freshen up your home décor, biophilic home design is a great option. Not only will you end up with a beautiful space, but you’ll also be improving your health in the process.