A Comparative Study Of Serviced Apartments And Hotels

Apartments that provide amenities, housekeeping and varying forms of services for guests are known as serviced apartments. Most taxes and utilities are included in the rent of these apartments. Rather than staying in a traditional hotel, serviced apartments provide guests with plenty of space, convenience, and privacy to feel at home while on vacation. 

The types of serviced apartments in Australia can span from studios to large 4 or 5-bedroom homes, which can be chosen according to one’s preference and necessity. Usually, such an apartment comes with a kitchenette(a smaller version of a fully functioning kitchen), but it sometimes has a full-size kitchen with a dishwasher and washing machine, larger living and sleeping areas than standard rooms, and closer proximity to gyms, restaurants, and other such essential amenities that a hotel usually offers.

Not only do people travel a lot, relocating to a different city for job purposes is becoming more common with each passing day- be it long term or short term. While a hotel is a perfect choice for a short-term stay, it is unimaginable to pay a huge sum of money for hotel accommodation or even a rented apartment when the concern is for the long run. 

This is why Serviced apartments have been gaining continuous popularity, compared to completely furnished rented apartments and hotel rooms. Especially in larger cities like Sydney and Melbourne, serviced apartments continue to grow in popularity with corporate travellers.

Now, let’s discuss the differences between serviced apartments and hotels

  1. The first and foremost difference between a hotel and serviced apartments is the availability and utility of space. Those who live in serviced apartments are more flexible in their lifestyle. With friends and family staying there, they have become a favourite with business travellers. Instead of requesting room service to get a meal for them, they enjoy the capability of cooking for themselves at their own time. Upon checking into a hotel, it might be possible to get a large suite, but the cost is high. On the other hand, a serviced apartment can offer almost the same amenities and space for a much lower price. Taking advantage of this space lets you work, relax, spread out and live comfortably.
  2. Apart from the fact that they come in different categories, the serviced apartments are something else worth noting. You can pick an apartment according to your convenience requirements, so that means it is easy to find a place that can be your home for the duration of your stay. Depending on the level of luxury and finance, they could range from modest serviced apartments with a bedroom, living room, and kitchen to lavish luxury apartments with 2 or 3 rooms, special living areas with discrete serviced apartment furnishing, fitness studios, and much more. 
  3. Most hotels are meant for short-term stays, except for extended-stay options. Serviced apartments are essentially designed for longer stays. There may be opportunities for shorter stays of a week or more in some locations, depending on the terms and conditions. Hotel stays can be tedious, expensive, and challenging, especially when the stay is long, especially when there is no kitchen, proper cleaning arrangements, and space which is not the case in Serviced apartments; serviced apartments are designed for a more personal stay, as you are free to choose and purchase your own furniture from several serviced apartment furniture packages online. 
  4. This difference is one of the primary advantages of serviced apartments over hotels. The online booking method of serviced apartments has some notable benefits, one of the most significant being the availability of the rooms as per the quantity and qualities required and the ability to use them as your second home temporarily. When the city’s hotels are completely booked during the holiday season, it is especially convenient to book serviced apartments ahead of time because, when on holiday, most people choose luxury over necessity. 
  5. The last difference is the perks of location in both cases. A hotel is generally located near an attraction or an airport, whereas serviced apartments can be found in nearly any residential area within a city. Both these locations have their own advantages, and people are free to choose as per their needs. However, serviced apartments are available in almost every country on Earth, where apartments are a norm. 

Other than money, why choose serviced apartments over the grandeur and luxury of hotels? Well, there are many more reasons. But before that, if you’re in town, here’s a gentle reminder-visit our website for complete furniture packages in Sydney.