Replace Or Refurbish: What To Do With Your Old Furniture

Furniture is a financial and emotional investment. You can’t just dispose of it when only experiencing temporary inconvenience. This guide will answer your questions about whether it’s worth it to replace or refurbish your furniture. We should also mention this applies especially to handmade pieces that have a lot of sentimental value. We provide one stop furnishings in Sydney at Vivin Furnishings. Let’s take a look!

Question 1: Are You Emotionally Attached To The Furniture?

Many of the pieces of furniture that surround you have a story and are imbued with sentiment. This is due to the fact that they have been passed down generationally in your family or because they became associated with some family member. We understand sentimental values deeply and offer our encouragement for you to keep your heirlooms, as well as provide them a makeover whenever required. Refurbishing is thus the best option. Check out Refurbished furniture ideas if you need more help.

Question 2: Is The Old Furniture Sturdy?

When a chair is malfunctioning, the first sign is clearly its functionality. Is it sturdy? Does it tilt forward or backward when weight is applied? Structure is everything. It’s good to have a few good years left if the chair retains its shape when you sit on it. To give it a new look, you can refurbish the upholstery.

Question 3: Have You Had A Termite Attack On Your Furniture?

It’s not a difficult decision: if you’ve experienced any pests on your furniture and can see the evidence (as shown in the pic above), get rid of it now. You can’t be sentimental about every piece of furniture you own, and by keeping it at the expense of potentially losing other pieces, you are putting yourself at risk. These termites can infest other products made out of wood at a surprisingly fast pace, if they’re not detected in time. Make sure you replace your furniture as soon as possible. We provide fantastic furniture packages at Vivin Furnishings.

Question 4: Broken Or Worn-Out Furniture?

An obvious sign of a sofa that has been used for many years is that it will look flat, sunken, and out of shape. This furniture doesn’t seem to be supporting your back as well as it should. Check for sagging cushions or fabric tearing. Restoring this may end up costing the same amount as getting a new one, so I would replace it with something new.

Question 5: Is There A Vintage Value To The Old Furniture?

You wouldn’t throw out or replace any good-quality furniture, right? And anything that has managed to survive this long is worth its weight in gold. Instead of replacing the furniture, we would recommend that you take care of it properly. After all, you won’t find the same burnt orange or sea green shades of furniture items anymore in Sydney. Subtle retro touches can instantly freshen up your space.

Question 6: Bulky Or Heavy Old Furniture?

Basically, each kind of furniture style has its place and time. For example, different furniture styles change from time to time. The time might be right to consider a makeover if you have furniture that’s too bulky to look at or instantly reminds you of an item from the late 50s. Get help from an expert to make the decision (and process) easier for you when choosing the latest trends for your home interiors.

Question 7: Why Would You Want to Refurbish or Replace Your Home’s Furnishings?

It is always a good idea to replace old furniture or refurbish it. When you replace or refurbish your old furniture, you will be able to make your home look new and fresh. Long-term savings are also possible.

Replacing furniture can be expensive, but it can also be a great way to make your home look new and fresh without spending too much money. By simply swapping out your old furniture for new, you can transform an entire room or create a new one. When replacing furniture, think about what style you want before purchasing anything. For example, if your home is painted in a dark color and your furniture is the same light or white color, then it might not look as good with dark colors.

Reusing furniture is a great option for those who are looking for ways to save money on their home’s furnishings. while still keeping the pieces they love. Refurbished furniture is a great way to get pieces that are in good condition at an affordable price.

Question 8: Is It In Your Budget To Replace The Furniture?

As a final question, you need to determine if you can afford to replace or reuse the furniture. In spite of all the effort and questioning, replacing or refurbishing furniture idea costs money, so allocate funds prior to beginning your DIY furniture makeover project. If you don’t plan ahead, all of this effort and questioning will be for nothing.

Considering all factors, replacing or reusing old furniture is not an easy decision. Your final decision should take into account several factors, such as the condition of the furniture, the costs involved, the emotional value of the item, and the design you want if you redesign it.

There is no doubt that professional help or an expert eye can simplify the job. Please feel free to contact our staff at Vivin Furnishing if you need any assistance in Sydney. Our goal is to make sure you make the most of your old ( still loved ) furniture by providing you with the best alternatives.