Do Stage Homes Sell for More Money?

Home is where stories begin, isn’t it?. With several pictures hanging on the wall, cosy rooms, cool breeze of the terrace, are memories that anyone will cherish their lifetime. 

T.S Eliot precisely quotes it “Home is where one starts from.”

It is also true when comes to buying or selling your home. Though putting you loved home on sale is quite painful, well think from the buyers perspective. Everyone wants to buy a cosy, pleasant, well maintained, and beautiful house. It is where “staging of homes” draws light towards it. 

In modern times “home staging” has become a ‘must-do’ culture when it comes to selling homes. According to stats, the selling probability of a staged home is much higher than the one that is not. Home staging gives a better perspective or visualisation of the house to the buyers.

But the question ticking the clock is “does the staging of homes sell for more money?”, Moreover another problem hindering the sellers “Is staging homes worth the cost?”. “If so, how is it done?”. In this article, we have given our best shot at addressing questions related to ‘home staging’.

Whether it’s your investment property or home styling and staging, it has its own plus point. Here are some insights on home staging and styling.

A walk through property styling:

Transform your property – what is property staging?

It is typically a type of visual marketing that encompasses some basics of interior designing—the ideal version of your home that is alluring the screen of buyers. Appealing a whole set of buyers invariably increases the customer interest in your staged property. It is one of the cliched strategies used to make the property attractive and flattering to customers.

Useful staging often connects with the emotions of the buyer and makes the home significantly better. Best property stylists often have a background in interior designing, which allows them to showcase their expertise. 

Professional help – How does it work?

Unlike most of the professions, property styling is not a licensed body. There is no such licensing or a degree for property styling. Anyone can call themselves a stager. Hence it’s an advised norm to go with a stager who has a background in interior designing or architecture.

Usually, the whole process begins with a small tour of your property. Further, it’s followed by a thorough blend of de-personalising, decluttering, cleaning and replacing your furniture with rented ones. It gives a complete makeover to your home, making it appealing to the buyer. 

It is also accompanied by a professional photography team that gives your house aesthetic appearance online. A property stylist will surely make it a stress-free furnishing process.

The overall cost of staging

The cost of staging varies. It is a so-called “it depends” situation meaning there is no such as prescribed or a minimum fee as such. It all depends on “how much work is needed to renovate your house”. The whole cost comprises the consultation fee, furniture cost and labour fee.

Furniture with designing transforms your property and that is why they play a pivotal role in staging. Don’t worry, you’re not wasting your hard-earned money on hiring furniture with designing, it’ll surely benefit you.

Some stagers may charge you by the hour, and some may have a set fee. Be sure to clear all such terms and conditions with your property stager, such that it does not lead to any problems in future. Sign an agreement with your stager regarding the basic and additional costs.

Best property stylists also try to work with the already available furniture and decor to a maximum extent. Though a bit costly, it is better to hire a property stylist for a stress-free furnishing process. 

How will’ home staging’ influence the selling price of your property? 

Staging has become popular just over the past decade; instead, it merely means that “staging never existed 20 years ago”. Today stage is a new vogue when it comes to selling houses.

Now going back to the same old question, “can property staging increase the selling price?”. The answer undoubtedly is yes!. With the help of a property stylist, your selling price may shoot up by 7-12.5%. It’s also a very commonly noticed phenomenon that staged houses sell faster. “House staging” often minimises the cost as it earns the owner a profit.

The RESA also provides you with a staging saving calculator that lets you calculate the total time and investment required to save if you stage your house before listing it.

Sum up the story!

Though the cost of hiring a home staging professional with a good track record, sound designing, an investment on home-style furniture, can mean money in the bank for you, then why not?. If staging helps you sell your house into a good set of hands, at a profitable amount, and much faster, then why not? If it creates a vogue that’s bringing you more customers, then why not give it a try?