Budget-Friendly Bedroom Packages

Want to give your bedroom a stylish makeover, but don’t want to drain your bank account? We feel you. Trying to decorate on a budget can feel downright impossible at times. You browse Pinterest and interior design magazines, falling in love with gorgeous bedroom suites that cost more than your rent.

Creating a beautiful, cohesive bedroom doesn’t have to be expensive. With the right furniture packages and decor accents, you can design a stylish bedroom suite that suits your taste and works within your budget. Vivin Furnishings offers quality bedroom furniture and accessories at affordable prices to meet the needs of all budgets.

King Size Bedroom Sets

The centrepiece of any bedroom is the bed. Vivin Furnishings has a wide selection of king-size bed frames and mattresses sold together as convenient sets. Choosing a pre-packaged king bed set can save you money compared to buying a bed frame and mattress separately. 

Vivin Furnishings king size bedroom sets feature sturdy hardwood frames in various styles like platform beds, sleigh beds, poster beds, and more. Pair the frame with a cushy innerspring or memory foam mattress for comfort. King size bed sets come in all sizes – twin, full, queen, and king – to furnish any bedroom.

Complete King Bedroom Furniture Packages

For a cohesive look, consider a full king bedroom furniture set sale. Vivin Furnishings’ bedroom packages include the king size bed sets and mattresses along with complementing bedroom furniture like a dresser, mirror, and nightstands.

Mix and match furniture pieces in various colours and materials like wood, metal, and upholstered to create a custom bedroom suite within an affordable package price. Vivin Furnishings offers King bedroom furniture sets and packages to suit all decor styles – traditional, modern, contemporary, and more.

Budget-Friendly Decor Accents

Once you’ve selected the major furniture pieces, add personality with budget-friendly decor accents. Bedding and textiles like duvet covers, throw pillows, and area rugs add colour, texture, and visual interest. Vivin Furnishings has king size furniture bedroom sets to dress your bed in style without overspending.

Wall art, mirrors, curtains, and lighting fixtures complete the look. Check thrift stores and discount home goods stores for unique vintage finds at a fraction of retail pricing. Floating shelves, floor plants, and other accessories provide personalized flair.

Maximize Small Bedrooms

For bedrooms short on square footage, smart storage and space-saving furniture allow you to make the most of the available space. Platform bed frames with storage drawers are an excellent choice for small bedrooms needing extra storage. The low-profile design keeps the mattress close to the floor, opening up vertical space.

Dressers and nightstands with smaller footprints combine multiple functions to avoid clutter. Vivin Furnishings offers custom closet organizers to neatly store clothes, shoes, accessories, and more using every inch. Extend your storage space and maintain a tidy, organized bedroom.

Creative room layouts, large mirrors, and floor-to-ceiling curtains create the illusion of a larger space in compact bedrooms. Multi-functional furniture takes advantage of vertical real estate with headboards and shelves reaching the ceiling. Vivin Furnishings provides innovative solutions for small bedrooms needing to save on space and budget.

Enjoy Your New Sleep Oasis

At Vivin Furnishings, we specialise in gorgeous bedroom packages that won’t break the bank. Browse our collection of discounted king bedroom sets and quality pieces for incredible style at just the right price. Give us a call – our team is happy to help turn your bedroom dreams into reality! Sleep well and save money with bedroom furniture from Vivin Furnishings.